the cleaning mix

Groovin’ to my random mix of tunes, vacuum in one hand, bounce in my bottom – swingin’ to the tunes, a duster in my other hand.

Sting cries and so do I "I stiiiiilllllll loooove youuuuu, I stilllllll, want, you……A thousand times the mysteries unfold themselves like galaxies in my head."
*horn swings and cries*

Ants are marching, and I’ve been to the desert on a horse with no name. There is Muskrat Love in the air. Freddy, God rest his soul, and I sing together "we are the champions!" and it all feels so good.

Oh – how I love the smell of windex, murphys oil and the fresh March air.


4 thoughts on “the cleaning mix

  1. I wish I COULD get amped about spring-cleaning…I’m just not there yet…though I did weed the front yard…so maybe next week?
    Way to go…BTW!

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