God is still speaking

Topleft The UCC’ers know this slogan well, God is still speaking. It’s their recent slogan and marketing campaign for the church. But – I am going to rip it off for this post. Well, borrow it.

My friend stopped by the office yesterday. This was not just any friend, this is one of my friends who I used to work in ministry with. I feel like it has been ages since I have seen this friend. As it turns out, he dropped out of, well everything for a while. He’s on the road back. When he stopped by, I ran, literally ran, down the hall to see him- and there he was. I got the best hug ever. Just like he used to give. I get choked up just thinking about it.

Last night my sweetie and I had a friend over, talked shop (church shop) and tried to hear the Spirit over pasta bake. She told stories, I did too. We exchanged ideas and excitement and God moved.

At 4:40 this morning I was wide awake, from all of the things that God placed in my dreams, and in my heart. It was one of those sleepless nights like I used to have, working with my friend who just happened to stop by yesterday.

God is doing something. I am terrified, and overjoyed, and I am crying.

Whats next God? I know you are the King of subliminal messages, but a clear word would be really really cool. I’ll be here, listening. Thank you, for my friends. Be with them too God, in this time of change. Mold us, open us – to hear You. All for Your sake, amen.


4 thoughts on “God is still speaking

  1. youth preached at our mid week laid back Eucharist tonight. They didn’t just preach, they PREACHED!!!! One of them in reference to the Gospel, which was the great commission from Matthew, said that God speaks to and through your heart in good times, bad times, and everywhere in between. Listen to your heart she said…so I say to you, Listen to your heart!
    God’s Peace,

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