Reading Roundup

I doggin’ out on a "real post" today, because so many have posted some really interesting stuff I really want to share. You got something to read? Link it in the comments. I’m in a reading sort of mind.

Starting off with a laugh today – I have not watched MadTV lately, sometimes its just too quirky for me. Anyway – re:generate posts a clever MadTV bit here.

Water anyone? Care about the MDGs? This cool post has got me thinking. I want to do it. Trying to figure out the with who and when. Thanks KP.

Today is my Goddaughters (Grace) anniversary of her baptism. I have been going back to Christine’s post here, praying for G. I love Christines art. I could meditate on her blog forever.

Read this. The posts titled "Detox Discoveries" and "Road to Detox." I don’t know the backstory – but wow. As a lay person, a CALLED lay person, reading this was like reading into my own heart.

  • You don’t realize how common it is for the “official” people to receive many prophetic words of affirmation – and how rare it is for the “laity” – until you’ve moved from one group to another.
  • The people most needing encouragement rarely received it, because encouragement (prophetic or otherwise) seemed to be directly connected to your perceived value to the machinery organization.
  • Many times, I found myself looking in the mirror and really wondering, “Maybe the problem really is me…”
  • When you’re in pain, you’re not the nicest or most consistent person to be around. Although we had legitimate wounds that needed healing, we were kinda prickly, moody, and at times fairly toxic ourselves as we detoxed.
  • I know it says so in my sidebar, but really. Holy. Crap. Sarcastic Lutheran has just had some really great posts lately, today is no exception.

    Maybe you have noticed that I am not posting about the hub-bub in my little episcopal church. I just don’t have anything to add. I don’t. I am not and have not been and don’t feel called to be the flag waving queer voice for my church. I am queer, yes. But I am a child of God first. You know who does keep up with it – and is just too fabulous for words? MadPriest. For real. Check him.

    Happy Thursday!


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