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Dove_dark I’ve been wondering what to do with these little fortunes/promises that I get each time I open a piece of dove dark chocolate. I have been collecting them, the ones that seem like good reminders to hang on to. So, I’m turning it into a meme like post.

The gig is this: Below are a sampling of my recent dove fortunes. Tell a thought, share a moment, using one of the "promises." Be as general or specific as you need to be. Do this (in the comments or on your own blog), and let me know you have done it and I’ll send you your very own dove promise/fortune, chocolate and all. I’ll just need your address and milk or dark preference (send me an email).

Ok – here goes!

  1. Listen with your heart.
  2. Share a sunset.
  3. A gentle touch speaks volumes.
  4. Remember your first crush.
  5. Make someone melt today.

Hey – if chocolate is not your thing, play anyway, and you’ll still get a treat. I’ll post a roundup later.


9 thoughts on “Sweet Meme

  1. I first picked #3 but it was too sad. I decided on #4. His name was Buddy Britton and he was a senior in high school when I was an 8th grader. He had to drive down my street to get to his house. I sat on my front porch every day when I knew he was getting out of football practice cause I knew I would see him drive buy. I saved all of his pictures from the newspaper in a scrapbook (cause he was the high school quarterback and in the paper a lot!!). He drove a brown and yellow chevy pick-up with loud mufflers so I ALWAYS knew when he was coming down my street.
    After high school, he married a woman that already had a child. I was heart broken.
    And if you asked him *Hey Buddy, do you remember Mindy?* He would have to say…..*Mindy who?*
    *snickers* And I would not know him if I saw him now.

  2. So, this thought isn’t dirrectly related to the fortunes, but it is a great memory. I once heard a Lutheran Campus pastor say that, “Chocolate is like the gospel. It is something sweet that when it comes into your life changes everything.”
    I think I love this quote for a couple of reasons: 1) I am a chocolate addict (I mean addict in the literal sense.) 2) I think changes in ones life are more like to stick if they come from something sweet and joyous rather “dark and twisty” (for all you Grey’s Anatomy fans out there.)
    God’s Peace,

  3. I like #2 – share a sunset – b/c it reminds me of my honeymoon six years ago. Hubby and I stayed in Negril, the westernmost point in Jamaica. And we stayed in this little place at the edge of a cliff, looking right over the ocean. Every evening, we would walk out onto our porch and watch the most amazing sunsets together. It felt like we were at the end of the world, and it was lovely.

  4. A gentle touch speaks volumes. I’m recently married (will be one year in May), and I’m amazed at how much my husband and I “talk” by touching each other. It is incredible to reach my hand over and place it on his arm, and he knows what I’m saying. My contact info is on my website at http://www.ShawnaAtteberry.com. And I like dark.
    BTW this is a great way for us to get to know each other. Great idea.

  5. Sunsets…my DH and I took a trip together to Key West at Thanksgiving this past year. We flew into Miami and picked up a Harley, then rode to the Keys. We had so little space for luggage (one duffel between the 2 of us) that I was not able to take any of my usual junk like books, magazines, knitting. It was just…us. And sunsets.
    We watched one sunset at the famous place in Key West where ALL the people go and the cruise ships come in. It’s the southernmost point in the US and the view of sunset is amazing!
    Then, we watched one alone on a dock a little farther up the Keys. No one on the beach except us and a small barefoot wedding party.
    I knew we still had things to say to each other! đŸ™‚ A sweet, sweet time.
    Thanks for asking! I’ll email my address info.

  6. ok, #5
    I’ve been just a wee bit body-troubled since seeing my best friend naked – who has no body fat and new boobs. This is not normal for me as i’ve taken it upon myself to walk through the world feeling “hot. as is.” in other words I believe in the radical idea that i’m totally hot with my long silver speckled hair and wrinkles, my stretch marks and flabby bits. Seriously, I’m hot and I refuse to have the world say that if I had any shame I’d die my hair, and get Botox and fake nails. Well, I’ve failed at that a bit in the last couple of days since seeing my friends “twelve year old boy with perfect boobs” body. Well here’s the story….about how someone else made ME melt. I was driving on I-25 with my windows down and my stereo blaring when I drove past a young man in a cherry vintage pick up. He eyed me in my sunglasses and arm length of tattoos and we both smiled…he was totally inked up too. As he drove up the off ramp he blew me a kiss. I’m back.

  7. I played #1: Listen with your heart. In haiku format, for which I have great fondness every since graduate school when I would take out my frustrations during class by scribbling scathing 5-7-5 indictments of everyone and everything that annoyed me. It made sharing my class notes a risky proposition, but it kept me from felonious assault.
    you can read it at maxrainey.blogspot.com, if you like.
    yours in the struggle,

  8. #1: As we grow older, hearing with our ears becomes less and less efficient and hearing with our heart becomes — not even second nature: first nature. Today, at a local bank, a notary was called in to witness some document signings; when she arrived, it was Rocio, a woman whose 21-year-old son was barbecuing hotdogs when it started to rain. He hauled the barbecue indoors and lay down to take a nap. He died from carbon monoxide poisoning. I hadn’t seen Rocio since he died, perhaps over a month ago. She glowing, warm, loving; “his life was blessed; he led it among people who loved him, here in this beautiful place.” When she left, the bank officer said, “What a strong woman.” But my heart had heard beyond her words and seen beyond her smiles, grief like a distant thunder.

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