wow it is soooooo lent

Anyone else really hungry for an Alleluia?

Natalie says she wishes she were Episcopalian. Today, I wish I weren’t. I long for those days, back in the day, when I was not all liturgy geek-i-fied, super rubrics loving, church and liturgical season knowing. I was, *gasp* young and evangelical. Oh sure, call me naive. I was, sort of. My faith was definitely in the emotional best friends with Jesus stage. I was an Easter People, you know, "
Ev’ry day’s resurrection day, the past is over and gone." Not that Jesus is not my friend, He is. For sure.

I know, I should be all into this dark season. I need to walk the season of the cross, take up my own. I get it, I do. Is it wrong to look around and wish that the crabby, stressed out people, priests and lay people alike, would just get friggin’ happy? They are all driving me NUTS. I am driving me NUTS. *sheesh*

I’ll be honest, I miss the "Alleluia, Alleluia" so much, in more ways than I can even begin to share.

God of mercy, ______________________________________________. And be with Mark, his family, and the communities of Mercy Seat and House of Mercy. God, I don’t know what is next, what You would have me be and do, but say the word Lord, just say the word. God, settle my heart and help me to be a bit less snarky, less say, … of a total bitch. Help me be the light. In the name of Jesus, my friend (and savior). Amen.


3 thoughts on “wow it is soooooo lent

  1. I’m with you on the hunger for the Alleluia thing, but for different reasons. Once the time change happens and the weather shifts, once I start to see evidence of Resurrection in God’s creation around me, it gets real hard to hang on the austerity of lent. But then again that is the idea. Our Lenten practices both liturgical and fasting are for the purpose of producing longing in our hearts, a desire for Resurrection. Doesn’t make it any easier for me at this moment, but that is what they are supposed to do.

  2. Maybe it’s just because I haven’t been observing Lent all that closely or disciplinedly this year, but I keep catching myself halfway through an ‘Alleluia, Alleluia’ during prayers.
    And it’s hard when the signs of resurrection are popping up around us to pretend we still see our shadow. (Well, today it’s easier. It was hard on Tuesday.)
    I can always feel Holy Week coming, though, even if I’ve paid no attention to Lent.

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