there I go again

Here I go again, skipping out on hours of life, HOURS, rearranging the deck chairs of my own private Titanic.

The lists are long.

  1. Wedding thank yous (for shame for shame).
  2. Blog about the Len Sweet thing (*ugh* – just go here and listen. It rocked. Trust me. W thinks so too.)
  3. Gym – like get my fat ass there
  4. Play with my lala list so I can get some new tunes I have been longing for, for a buck.
  5. Pray, like really say my prayers, for my ever growing "I’ll pray for you" list. I do pray, just long to give it more than a fleeting thought before I shove food in my mouth.
  6. Read the handbook for holy orders ’cause its the ONE assignment I have.
  7. Upload my photos to flickr and organize them.
  8. Print wedding photos for family and make a photo book.
  9. Make scrapbook from wedding photos and keepsakes.
  10. Look at schools, yeah, back on the college kick.

But what am I doing really? Yeah – avoiding my life by being online, futzing with the look of my blog, incessantly checking my email, reorganizing my lists. Oh its not all bad, I have enjoyed reading this morning, and learn so much from my links of people, and who they link to. Man – there are some SMART people in the world.

But its time. My world is sinking, I woke up with panic and sadness in my heart and chest today, about the job I applied for (had two interviews) and did not get, about what that means for my current life in work, and then the hope and full life of ministry that stares me in the face.

I have to unplug, sit with God, and my beloved. I’ll see you all at your place.


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