Haiku 2

Its another House of Mercy Haiku from my sweetie. But there is a slight twist this week – she realized that the second line had one too many syllables in the original. So I’ll paste the original sitting in worship version and then some new ideas. Enjoy. Blessed Holy Week.

House of Mercy Haiku #2

Come, that we may be


undone, Lord. Your resurrection:


sin’s cinch unbuckled.

Lord, that we may be


undone: your resurrection,


sin’s cinch unbuckled.


Come, that we may be


undone. Your resurrection:


sin’s cinch unbuckled.




The resurrection,


again: sin’s cinch unbuckled.


Lather, rinse, repeat.

5 thoughts on “Haiku 2

  1. The last one is my favorite. Also, chocolate was received yesterday. Thank you extremely for the chocolate and the holy week blessings.
    May this week carry you to the glory of Resurrection…
    and then, of course, lather, rinse, repeat!
    God’s Peace,

  2. I didn’t want to weigh in to be all biased – but I really love the last one too.
    Blessed Holy week to you PPB, Sally and Jason.

  3. Glad people are liking the haiku in general, but also the last one especially. I was afraid its irreverence might not be appreciated! But if God doesn’t like a haiku, I don’t know who would!
    Quick (modern American) haiku lesson for those who don’t know: yes, the format is 3 lines with the first = 5 syllables, the second 7 syllables, and the last 5 syllables. But what makes a haiku really good and worth writing & reading is that the last line should provide a twist so twisty that you couldn’t see it coming. I think the last version does this where the others don’t. Fun times for me!

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