i’m dreaming of some new ink

Knit4tattSo, nataliedee has these cartoons, this one I have, a gift, from my sweetie. Its on one of my"knitting" bags. I put knitting in quotes, because well, I’ve not exactly been a knitter since way back to my barf scarf days. Which is another story all together. That – and I seem to have alot of bags for some purpose or another, and one all purpose bag. Ok – I’ll admit it.

My name is Rachel, and I am a bag whore. I love the old ones, the funky ones, I even bought one for a friend that I don’t really hang out with anymore, waiting, to see if she would like it. Its sort of a messenger like thing, all cotton, totally vegan and earth friendly, and handmade by a really cool person.

Anyway, I love this cartoon.

Its spring, and that means change. Love is in the air, last night I sat outside for a minute, in the coolish night air, under the nearly full moon-light, and I swear I could hear, literally hear, the leaves and shoots and flowers rustling around, growing. It was amazing.

Everywhere I look, new things are coming.

I think its finally time. Marking time and change with ink has always been sort of a thing for me. A few years ago, I was in Tampa Florida, for Come to the Feast, an ecumenical young adult bi-annual event. It happened to be over Pentecost. A bunch of us hit the town, Ybor City, after being in a conference all day. "HEY! Lets all go get tattoos!" came from someone in the group – after a few adult beverages were consumed. About 15 of us wandered down the street, and found an ink shop. Wouldn’t you know it – I was the only one who got one. I got an image of the Holy Spirit on my left inner ankle. (the one shown here is not mine – as it is covered up now, that story to come. But this is what it looked like.)Holy_spirit_22

Its spring, and its time for another tattoo.

4 thoughts on “i’m dreaming of some new ink

  1. I bet I know someone who would join you! Better bring that new design and your A&D tube to Chicago!

    I am a heavily tattooes obsesive knitter and want this bag, but I only saw the option for buying shirts on her site…how do I order this bag?

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