Not your usual Friday 5

My dear (blog) sister/friend Mindy got a meme from Chilihead, who got it from someone else. Anyway – its been a while since I have done one. The deal is the person who answers – then makes up new questions for the next person. Really. So if you want to play – let me know in the comments. Here’s my five, ala Mindy.

I am taking the week off of the RGBPs 5 (even though its really tempting and I might have to do it tomorrow) – to do this one. Happy Friday everyone.

1.  I am coming to dinner, what would you prepare to serve me?

Back in the day – I made a mean Chicken Cordon Bleu. Now a days – its veggie lifestyle mostly. So I would make a heaping bowl of fresh veggies from the farmers market , a half block away from the house, tossed with some noodley goodness, topped with fresh parm and a baguette, from a toast to bread, on the side. Oh – and sweetie would make the meanest green salad you ever did have.

2.  If there
was one place you could never see again, which one would make you miss the most
and why?

My childhood home, my dads house. There are just soooooooooo many memories there. Its on a park reserve, with beavers and deer and egrets, and so many more animals. Lately there have been baby bald eagles hanging around, as well as offspray. Its so peaceful, so amazing. Its my favorite place in all the world.

3.  What is
your superpower and how do you use it for good?

My superpower is Loving the Other.

Other: Liberian, Texan, Somali, Hippy, Republican, Democrat, Corporate, Consumer, Victim, Perpetrator. The one who is NOT like me.

I zap people – give people words of love and compassion. No name calling. We are all on a journey – some are just more evolved than others. My power helps people to love their neighbor – no matter how unlovable the neighbor is. Judge not, lest ye be judged friends.

4.  Mustard or

Mustard – in every flavor you can dish it.

5.  If you
could be as smart as Einstein but had to look like him….would you?

Yes – without a doubt. The hair, the eyes, the mind, all so beautiful.

Thanks M!


4 thoughts on “Not your usual Friday 5

  1. Hey Swan, your superpower is TOTALLY FABULOUS!!! and really really lucky for me, given that I was raised up and formed (deformed?) for life in–you guessed it–Texas.
    How queer is that?
    yours in the struggle,

  2. love that super power- so much better than all the others- and your childhood home sounds amazing. 🙂 great alternative to Friday 5

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