too good not to share

Antony over at Coming to the Quiet, gets this from a friend, and its just too good not to pass around.

The first discipline is listening. The word listening in Latin is audire. And if you listen with great attention the words are ob audire.
That is the word for "obedience." The word obedience means listening.
If you are not listening, you are deaf. The Latin word for deaf is surdus, and if you’re actually deaf, you’re ab surdus.
The "absurd" life is a life in which you’re not listening. An obedient
life is a life in which you are listening." ~Henri Nouwen

From K. at Onehouse.


2 thoughts on “too good not to share

  1. Oh, this is wonderful indeed.
    I have been grappling with obedience lately. I love the idea that it is ‘to listen’.
    Keeping my ears open!

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