5 things I dig about Jesus

5 Things I Dig About Jesus
I was tagged for this meme by Kim @ Can You Hear Me Now?
I love her, she’s always cheering me on, and helps me to be a better blogger. Go say hi and check her out. For now,
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Here’s the deal folks, I have been really out of the loop lately. I have been awful at visiting you all, and barely get out to write something here. I don’t feel like I can ask anyone to play – but should the Spirit move you to, please do and let me know about it in the comments. Ok, now…

5 things I dig:

1. He was a brilliant communicator. He spoke to thousands, and then just one. His style was sometimes poetic & picturesque, at other times as direct as an arrow through a bullseye.

2. Jesus met people where they were at – and invited them beyond their wildest dreams.

3. Jesus was a radical.

4. Jesus spoke to / out against systems of power, injustice and oppression.

5. Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so, little ones to him belong…

Thanks Kim! Anyone? Anyone?


5 thoughts on “5 things I dig about Jesus

  1. 1. He obliterated the rules and made it all about relationships!
    2. He loved people he wasn’t “supposed” to and pissed off people that society says we should suck up to.
    3. He would not compromise his principles for the sake of his own safety.
    4. Healing Powers
    5. Yeah…and that resurrection thing is pretty cool too!

  2. I totally forgot to include the RADICAL Jesus. I totally dig that too! Good list. I expected nothing less from you!
    Somehow I think we’d be great friends even outside the blogdom!

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