Smack dab into Goal #3

The Millennium Development Goals.

Oh yeah, its all the rage in my church. Its almost "hip" to be a part of the "movement." (Yes – I intentionally used the quotes added lameness factor.) I used to sit on the task force (oh no – not a committee, a task force, ’cause thats different), then I dropped out, but I am back in again (I think). I know, I know, I could not make my cold cold heart sound any more hardened and sarcastic. It gets better. Keep reading. I am not a total jerk.

Then someone pushed just the right button in me, you know the ones. It’s like "Hey! You would be really great at this one thing I have in mind just for you, and the thing is I can’t imagine anyone else who could do it like you." and/or "lets get together and have coffee because there is this one thing – I just think you could really be X, Y and Z for it." You get the point – butter me all up and get me in my soft spot. What can I say – other than OK God. Don’t know what you are up to with all of this – but I’m in. I’ll bite.

Seemingly unrelated, I am on my way home tonight, listening to what else, MPR / NPR. I just got done meeting with someone planning and dreaming up youth ministry at the new gig. (the meeting was awesome and inspiring) What was on was The Story from American Public Media. The story was about Demetria Williamson, a recipient of a micro-credit loan to make her dream come true – being a small business owner. She has an amazing story, one that there is no way I can give credit to by jotting down a few words. She makes a hybrid wig/hat, for women and young ladies who are dealing with the changes and effects of cancer. Her story is here, and here. Listen to it here.

What struck me in her interview with Dick Gordon was she kept giving thanks to God for what she has, and how blessed she is. She is a woman, who was beaten and battered, moved into womens shelters with her kids, came up out of very difficult sketchy life situations, and was given a micro-credit loan to meet the goal. What goal?

Goal 3. Promote gender equality and empower women

The story was so inspiring, so amazing. And who knew even I could connect, really understand, get even the whole MDG thing. I feel like all the time I was doing it before was all "fake it till you make it" kind of thinking. I had not been convicted. I had not heard this Gospel, this need, in my own native tongue I guess.

Now let me be clear – I know that a great deal of the movement is about places that are not in the good ol’ US of A, the land of abundance and prosperity. The MDGs focus on places like Palestine, Africa, Malaysia. But somehow, I can’t help but believing that Mitakuye Oyasin (we are all related). My sister in New York, my brother in
                Senegal, each one precious in our Creators eyes. So let them be in mine.

I am ONE. I get it. One baby step at a time.

God, thank you thank you thank you. For being so patient with me. For speaking my language, for showing up, for opening my heart and eyes. I’ll probably fall off the wagon and forget again, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled, looking for You, probably in all the wrong places.


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