t-minus 3 days and a wake up

Bday_retrospect002Ahhh… the old polaroids. No red eye reduction in those ol’ things.

This is me, just after I graduated high school, in 1989. I was like 115 pounds for real (not the 115 pounds I was on my drivers license for the nearly 10  years after this was taken).

DQ ice cream cakes with the fudgy crumbly goo in the middle were all the rage. And apparently so was white jeans, the mellowed out Joan Jett hairstyle, and mock turtlenecks in July.

Fun to look back at all these old photos. My grandma, Lu a.k.a. Grandma Lettuce, snapped this doozy.

More tomorrow, and the big reveal to come on Friday. Stay tuned friends.


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