just in case you needed a close up

Here you go.
Its almost birthday time, its almost birthday time, la la la la la la, its almost birthday time.

For sure better angle on the bow. And yes, my hair was at least two inches off my forehead.

More later since this photo is not exactly a reveal, so much as another angle.

Whats up with you? Check in in the comments.


3 thoughts on “just in case you needed a close up

  1. I am surprised that they do not have you hosting *What Not To Wear* ~giggles~
    I am nutty…been up since 3:30am. I want a nap but all is good!

  2. you know, 3:30 am is when evil lurks. there is NO reason to be up, unless you never slept. in which case – that would be a good thing. take a nap dear one. 🙂

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