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Wake_up_2 Its been a long few months of job changes, parties, weddings, and super duper uber family extravaganza times. Tonight was no exception on the uber-fam. It was super movie/DVD making extravaganza with Aunt J, who is making a movie for her 50th high school reunion (hear super lovely old person here). What is awesome is she uses a mac. She actually has two, one eMac and one MacBook. That my friends is the super suh-weeet part. The not so sweet part is actually – me.

Seriously – how did I get roped into this gig of making a movie with my partners aunt? I have now put over 9 hours into the project, and I am convinced I do not have any more treasures stored up in heaven for doing this.

Smack. (this is the noise my inner-me makes when I have just been an asshole)

Once in a while I change my radio station to the conservative happy clappy Christian station. I try to filter out all the proselytizing, beat you over the head with happy Jesus saves (love him or go to hell) talk, anti-abortion, anti-gay, healing and dealing for Christ stuff. Basically, I sing the songs (I secretly love singing loudly in my car random praise songs while I drive in rush hour) and I listen from 9:59 pm to 10:29 pm to one Chuck Swindoll.

Tonight he spent some time in his series about giving, called hilarious generosity. Say what you will, but years and years and years after first listening to him, I am still in awe of this mans ability to dig into the scriptures. He tells and weaves and interprets the OT like no one I have ever heard. Exodus actually jumps to life, like the here and now, when I hear him teach.

Tonight he used texts from Exodus (25 maybe) and somewhere in Nehemiah. He talked about having more than enough. The story was of building a tabernacle and Moses asking the people for specific gifts (that God said to gather) to build it, and they (the people) gave and gave and gave and gave. Till there was too much in fact. Stop giving already. We have enough says the Lord. He reminded me that Aunie J cheerfully asked me to help – and I cheerfully offered and gave of my time. I gave because it is something I like to do, something I am relatively good at and I had it: time and talent to give. Sheesh I can be such an ass and so selfish sometimes.

There is enough time. Enough. Keep giving, give cheerfully, remember that you love what you do, you love helping, and people love and appreciate what you can share. It is all a gift; time, talent, money. It all belongs to you God and sometimes I forget. God – help me remember. Oh, and God – thanks for Chuck. He’s real real good. Amen.


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  1. “Sheesh I can be such an ass and so selfish sometimes.”<– is printed on the Max Rainey coat of arms. it is the words we lives by.
    Have a friend who used to say "Even the Body of Christ needs an asshole–and it's only fair that we take turns being it."
    you rock.
    yours in the struggle,

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