rockin the church directory

This past Sunday was "rally sunday" – the Sunday where everyone comes back from playing hookie on worshiping the Lord in the beauty of holiness (in the bricks and mortar and gathered community way) all summer. I admit – I have been absent from most of my communities of faith lately, so I fell hook, line and sinker for the ol’ rally Sunday thing at my Sunday morning home. This year our church rented a photo booth, and had all the members do these photos.
Yeah – finally – one less crappy expensive Olan Mills "free" picture.
Not exactly posed, tilt your head just a ‘leeee-tle’ bit left, lift your chin, and ah!

But, I like em. And I like my church.

7 thoughts on “rockin the church directory

  1. That’s a pretty hip church to rent a photo booth–with a good sense of humor! And, dang if that church directory won’t be more fun to peruse! By the way, those photos of the two of you are too cute.

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