meetings on a friday

          Friday Five: Meetings, Meetings


(ReverendMother says) In honor of a couple of marathon meetings I attended this week:

1. What’s your view of meetings? Choose one or more, or make up your own:
a) When they’re good, they’re good. I love the feeling of people working well together on a common goal.
b) I don’t seek them out, but I recognize them as a necessary part of life.
c) The only good meeting is a canceled meeting.

Its a mixture of A and d) which goes like this, for God so loved the world, for s/he did not send a committee.

2. Do you like some amount of community building or conversation, or are you all business?
A bit of both – I am a little more rock and roll than touchy feel-y (aka community building and conversation).

3. How do you feel about leading meetings? Share any particular strengths or weaknesses you have in this area.
I don’t like to. At all. I am a good second in command, behind the leader. It stresses me out. A LOT. My weakness is the lead up – getting prepared. My strength if I HAVE to lead is getting out of the way and facilitating a collaborative space.

4. Have you ever participated in a virtual meeting? (conference call, IM, chat, etc.) What do you think of this format?
Boo hiss. Or as I say – Biss.

5. Share a story of a memorable meeting you attended.
Upon reflection, maybe I should change my answer in #1 – because nothing at all is coming to mind. Its like a vast wasteland of zero memories of meetings in my head. Is that bad?

Happy Friday and weekend everyone. Me – I’m off to the big MDG Summit – being the registrar queen that I am. Prayers for patience and grace would be most welcome if you pray for random stuff like that.


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