reason #218 why I love my job

Its no secret, I love my job. Reason today, my co-worker D. She is most awesome. Here’s one reason why.

It’s true, Aunie Flow Flow is in town (great timing as usual) and so I walked by her desk with a tampon not so cleverly hidden up my sleeve. You know that trick girls – right? Anyway, I take care of business and walking back she pulled me over to tell me a story of a friend of hers that I share with you now.

Sally worked in an office, and she really liked a boy she worked with, lets call him Dave. She would find ways to see him around the office, smile, talk to him when she could. She was just beginning to work up her nerve to see if he wanted to go out for coffee or a drink sometime.

So, Sally was walking down the hall – on her way to the ladies room with the up the sleeve trick when Dave caught her eye in passing. "Hi Sally!" he said, waving to her. She waved back, excitedly, saying hello when the cleverly hidden tampon waved its way out of her sleeve and was flung on to his chest.

Yeah, periods suck.

4 thoughts on “reason #218 why I love my job

  1. OK, So I get 1 spare minute to check the blog in a while and I’m simply HORRIFIED to read the contents!! YEOW. I think it’s funny, but have no actual experience… 😦
    Glad you’re loving the J-O-B though!
    BTW, I saw a Savoy in Eagan. Same one!?!?

  2. OK, get this. Nancy comes home from Bible study at about 11 last night. She had an AF story from someone at group. I said that’s funny, I just read this thing on Rachel’s blog. Told her the thing and that I didn’t get it. She almost rolled out of bed laughing and crying! She said it was the super funniest thing she ever heard.
    Thought you might appreciate that!

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