my heart my voice my prayer

God, you are working some new thing on me, some extreme makeover again. I wanted you to know that I will not go kicking and screaming the way I normally do.

Pride, out the window. Need to be loved by strangers and people in ‘power’, gone. Working some angle to get me in front of people, no thanks.

I am no more special or noteworthy than anyone else. I have stuff – stuff you have given me, knowledge and intuition – that I want to share. But I will not do it any longer at the altar of "I’m smarter, better, you need my __________." Done.

I will say I am sorry. I will smile, listen – really listen, I will share freely, wildly, with abandon and not need to take credit or get pissy when someone else climbs the ladder of ‘success.’  NO! I will cheer for them. I will try to hear your voice in my friends, family and in the world around me. I may just need to take a step back from "your church" for a while to do it.

See you outside the walls God. Amen.


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