giving thanks on Friday

I have been wrestling with posting a follow-up post to my last. I think I will just roll it into the fabulous thankful Friday 5! Mary Beth at Revgalblogpals says…

This one is going to be veeeery simple:  List at least five things (people, places, graces, miracles…) for which you are thankful.  You may elaborate as you wish, or keep it simple.

  1. For my blog lurkers and commenters – who cheer me on, push me, encourage and engage me. Thanks especially to (including but not limited to) Princess, Sally at EE, Thrive, Chimpo, A, Sweetie and most recently – SoulA aka Meags. Your energy, prayers, encouragement and *snickers* stick with me like a warm bowl of yummy oatmeal. Or like a never ending hug.
  2. My job. Oh how I love love love my job. I could not be any more grateful if I tried – but I’ll keep trying. Cause my job rocks. Really.
  3. My beloved. She encourages me, gives me permission to be and grow and walks along side of me – growing pains and all. Patient, kind, and sees the long road. Who could ask for anything more?
  4. I am thankful for the change of seasons. Life is so cyclical, so ever changing and it really helps me to remember that change is not only GOOD, but it is a part of life, and it is beautiful and messy all at once.
  5. I am thankful for my family. Warts, scars, beautiful and courageous – all of them. I love them all.

10 thoughts on “giving thanks on Friday

  1. Such nice thank you’s. I wish I was experiencing a change of seasons, but I’m glad you are! It’s just plain HOT in south TX right now.

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