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I get it, I do. And quite possibly, for posts like this one, I will go to hell. But, if I do, I will go laughing.

Do you get these emails anymore? The ones from your loved ones, that tell you it’s friendship week, you’ve been tagged for a hug-o-war or maybe its some kind of ‘send this back to me if you really are my BFF’ email? They have all sorts of little images of ducks dancing, hello kitties with halos, and precious moments images of little perfect angels praying? Maybe you have trained your loved ones not to send them on?
Not me. I used be be a really hard ass about forwards. Now, not so much. Because really – sometimes – they are some funny ass shit. I got one I thought was too precious not to share.

The email was all about life lessons and its national friendship week (again this week!). Here is the gem of the email. Its sort of a shame – in saving it the shimmer of the water is lost, but click on the picture and you’ll get the shimmer full on. So awesome.

The caption was something like "The Lord didn’t do it all in one day, what makes me think I can."

I love being the one that people feel comfortable forwarding on their ‘religious’ email forwards too. Oh – its bad theology, ridiculous super whitey-white Jesus imagery what-not, but really, what a joy to have these little gems passed along.

Kinda like the Onion article from yesterdays post – they help me to lighten up, have a laugh, and not take myself so damn seriously. Laugh people – it feels really good.

For more images like this one – check out Jesus-of-the-Week. Its really quite good this week.


2 thoughts on “fw: fw: fw: __________

  1. I’m gonna start a new line of rubber-bracelet-trend-wear: WWJF?
    Yes, all good Christians are troubled by the question and want to know, “What Would Jesus Forward?” I know I stop to think about my Lord before I send on holier-than-thou chain e-mails. Jesus can surely give guidance to all His tech-saavy followers.
    I’m laughing about Jesus-of-the-Week. Jesus would forsure foward that site’s link to all his friends, er … disciples.

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