seasons of love

It is officially less than one month until my sweetie and I will celebrate one glorious love-filled year together as a "married" couple. It has been quite a year. Lots of ups and our share of downs, change seems to have been the constant. All through it love love love.

So, until November 11th, this will be my topic. Love.

The objects of my affection will be all sorts of nouns – music, people, animals. The hope is to keep love on the front burner, anything that distracts from love – set aside. Like me getting to the gym – I am setting myself up for you, friends and community – to hold me accountable to a almost 30 day love blog. Love and nothing but love.

Day one: Just a photo. My sweet sweet Tigger, baby girl who will turn 14 in November.Tigger_bear2

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