OK, having cheerleaders is really helpful when it comes to making a life choice. Whooo hoo! Yippee! Sincerely, gratefully – thank you cheerleaders!

There is something that has shifted in me, a change that has made a difference, it’s this: I have become my own cheerleader. I really like me, right now, today. Not because I am perfect, or finished. I actually love me today, well, because all I have is today. Today, I choose to be nuts about myself.

I have flaws, big fat smelly ones for sure. But, I am learning to love my way through them. I am working on them. I have to make amends with my yukky parts. I have to look at them, long and hard, and find a way to forgive myself for the hurt I have caused, the sharp words that I have flung, because ultimately those words are really about my dark parts, not theirs. It’s easy to love what feels fuzzy and warm and good. The tough part is loving what is gross, dark and shameful. But I believe that if I can’t forgive me, I can’t know what it means to forgive others.

I am learning to love, by making a choice, a bold choice. I am putting on my rose colored glasses, sort of as an experiment. I will try to see each person, place, thing as a gift. My note from the universe for today says it pretty well I think.

    If you could actually see the love that at all times
emanates from all people, Swandive, the first thing you’d
think as anyone came into view would
be, "Behold,


        Then you’d probably ask them how they do that.

So – here’s to love. Cheers, slainte!


2 thoughts on “love:neighbor:self

  1. Rah Rah, Swanny. I’m thankful that you remember one of the most important parts of the Great Commandments: love you neighbor AS yourself. You are totally worth loving – just as you are; light and dark, warm and fuzzy, painful and pissy. It matters not. You are a beautiful, beloved child of God.

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