I am re-reading this awesome book – Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by the late Lynn Grabhorn. Its amazing how much the right book, at the right time, will speak volumes. So far – just a few pages in – its all about feelings, energy and vibrations. Dialing in – as it were – to feeling good. Its brilliant, raw, not the normal self help schmarm. I dig it.

Bombarded by alternate ways of moving through the day – anxiety, hurry, worry – I am finding its easy to get sucked in / sucked down. Stop. Re-direct. Listen to some music or look at a picture and re-focus on all the goodness and blessings that are all around you. Focus on how the good stuff *feels*.

Ahhh… good. Now, I can only do as much as I can. Do one thing. Keep going. Next thing you know, you’re hearing an old boss say "sheesh, you sound different, you sound really happy."

Yep – feeling, really feeling good and locking my eyes on feeling good – is trans-formative. Happy Monday.