Making room

My note for today…

    The choice is always simple enough, Rachel, clear your plate if
you want dessert.

My plate was once full of:

  • Turkey (Time commitments that were made out of guilt and self egotistical thoughts that someone or something would fall apart if I did not participate.)
  • Stuffing (Stuff that looked really really good, or maybe could be "changed" with my voice added to it, but in the end left me hungry and frustrated, self absorbed and snarky.)
  • Carrots (People who kept telling me to do the right thing because it would pay off – or do this and you will be rewarded.)
  • Green bean casserole (Comforts of my past, former people or situations that used to mean a lot to me. And me – unwilling to let go of the past. Unwilling to admit that I had changed, and accept that other people change too. I only wanted the good ol’ days – not the right here and now days.)
  • Cranberries from a can (What I thought was a string of unrelated, un-connected sweetness and bitterness all around me – out of my control what would be sweet and what would be bitter.)

I am clearing my plate. I am making room for some blackout cake from the Seward Coop (if you have not had it – its quite possibly the most wonderful little chocolate square of goodness).


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