Holy and Fancy

  Holy and Fancy 
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At this time last year, my sweetie and I had just ventured back from honeymoon, in Ireland. The Holy Shop: Religious & Fancy Goods was one highlight on our long list of awesome finds and strange places.

Nudelady_oilrainlamp_1_collageLocated in Derry, we stumbled into this place. I still wish I had the guts to take another picture of the most glorious thing I saw there. It was a Mother Mary in the center, all lit up, with streams of light and "water" flowing all around her. It was awesome. Like
this one – but Mary-fied and way better. Think bigger, shiney, very holy and fancy.

What I did get, was this little bit of fabulous. Its cool for two reasons. One – its a traveling, sparkley, awesome Nativity. Two – it used to be a ring case. Some littleAdvent_2007 beautiful ring was in it at some point. But someone looked at it and saw it could be something else. And what a wonderful little thing it is.

I only wish I could see it for more than 4 or 5 weeks every year. It was a joy to find it this last weekend when we were unpacking all of our Christmas stuff, and I smile every time I see it now.

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