Reason #287 why I have the best job in the WORLD

My boss just shared with me this article. Which makes me laugh out loud. Seriously. It’s from todays Minneapolis Star Trib Opinon page. A quote…

I have been asked many, many times on the campaign trail if I believe in
a so-called separation between church and state. And my answer is
always the same: Jesus is a friend. A buddy. He’s someone I’d call if I
was bored on a Tuesday night and wanted to get a beer and some nachos
and maybe watch a game. If a funny thing happened at the office,
something that made me laugh out loud, I’d call or text him or shoot
him an e-mail. Would I call him if I had to move furniture? Yes. Would
I borrow money from him? Probably not, as I have tried and, although
one of the nicest people I know, he’s very weird about money.

Does your job make you smile, laugh, feel really really really good? No. Get a new one. Seriously, mediocrity SUCKS. Get livin’.