I can’t believe it took me so long

I finally saw the movie Sicko.

I can’t believe what I saw. I can’t quite process what I saw. I mean I knew, but now, I know. Or at least I have a part of the story. One side – sure. But really what is the other side of the argument? A guy from Canada, actually quite a few said something like – well if we take care of one, why not everyone? I mean who will care for the ‘least of these?’

My sweetie was home all day today, really ill. But – its not life threatening or anything. We had a huge ordeal with medical care right after we were married (yeah – I said it – married, I am done playing semantics). It was awful. She was sick for months with a mystery dis-ease. She is better now, and we together are fine. I won’t spend any time wondering what if, and how lucky we are that what if was not truly what could have been. But for real yo.

Our health care is laughable. What are we doing, really doing about it? I won’t feel hopeless anymore. I do care about the ‘least of these’ in my midst. What can ONE person do?

Vote. Speak. Ask questions. Elevate the conversation to be about abundance, and not lack of resources, most of all love.