resolve thy self

It has been a wonder-filled, delightful past few days. Christmas is here, winter solstice is bringing with it more daylight, and ‘let it snow’ seems to be mother earth’s theme song.

Sweetie and I have been social – but not overly so. We have seen old friends, new friends, best friends, family friends, (family too) as well as seen a lot of each other. It is almost as if the season is saying ‘sit up! take notice! life IS beautiful!’

As the new year approaches, I think I’ll write down some resolutions that have been popping into my conscious mind lately.

Img_0638One:  Be a better auntie (more active, more involved) with my nieces and nephew. Namely more time with this sweet sweet girl, my BellaBoo.

Two:  Yes folks, this will be the year I kick the ol’ nasty habit. This is MY year.

Three:  Find a church ‘home’ or at least a place to hang my heart for a while – while I put this ol’ humpty dumpty back together again.

That’s all for now. More resolutions to come. Do you keep lists? Resolve anything for the new year? Do you tell or keep it to yourself? I’ll
name a few, but will in fact be keeping some just all to myself – to be
revealed later.

Love and only love.