hello 2008

I am finding it really strange – I have been off of work for like 9 days, and its just before bedtime the night before I go back to work, and I find myself longing for one more day.

Welcome 2008, all 365 – well… 364 now – days of you. I can’t wait to see what shenanigans you have in store for me and my sweetie. May you find us interesting enough to have fun with us, loving enough to go easy on us when the downs come, crazy enough to keep it interesting, and well – full of love.

Welcome 2008 and all you bring.


3 thoughts on “hello 2008

  1. Cheers to a warm welcome to 2008–and I think we might even get an extra day to enjoy–it’s a leap year right?! It’s going to be a great one and I’m so thankful that I will get to share parts of it with you!
    Much love from CO,

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