I love…

Recent beautiful, quirky and fun movies that have set my heart to tuning in the love vibe.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly:
Saw this with new friend and sweetie. New friend is such a joy to have met – this alone brings love in. Even better we saw the movie, and great movie conversation followed.
I received the book that this movie was based on when it first came out. Ken, (who I perceived to be) the heartbreak of my whole love career, gave it to me. About a man – Jean-Dominique Bauby, a super cool, high rolling editor/journalist/woman obsessed/writer who is struck with a freak and rare syndrome – he becomes ‘locked-in’ to his body, his only means of communication is through one eyelid. It is beautiful. Period. Breathtakingly beautiful. I wonder if Ken has seen the movie. I am glad that I have, I hope he will see it too. I think I know him better through this film, in a way I was not ready to take in when I read the book.

Saw this with ROME and (I am not sure they know I think of them this way) best friends who now live tooJuno3
far away. Loved the movie so much we decided to see it again with another out of town friend who I love dearly. I had a whole post in my head about this movie – what it is ‘about’. The long and short is that I overheard someone talking about the movie in the bathroom and they called it a wonderful movie about adoption. I had not considered that this is what the movie was about. Then… friend said the same thing. It reminded me of why and how art is so important – it is in our differences, our varying viewpoints, that makes life interesting. Right on.

Once & Sicko:
I posted about it earlier – but I think it bears saying again that the more I look back on these two – the more I really love them. For different reasons of course.

Once: Irish, beautiful music, simple story, sweet, heartbreaking – did I mention Irish?
Sicko: Raising awareness for all the right reasons. Thought provoking and wonderful.

There are a whole host of movies that I want to see now. It’s like I forgot for a while how much I like the movies, and I have fallen in love all over again. Any movies I should add to my must see list? C’mon – leave a comment – I dare you.