A car wash, a burrito and belief

A funny thing it is, belief.

This weekend my sweetie and I took the car we are taking care of (for a friend while she is away at seminary) to the car wash. It was a perfect weekend for it, as the weather here in Minnesota is quite mild at the moment. Our friend will be back at the end of the month for her ordination, and will need her car for about a week or so. I wanted to make sure that we gave it back to her in wonderful condition. So off to the car wash we went.

I knew just where to go, a place over in St. Paul – the Downtowner. I have always believed they did an awesome job on making any car look like brand new. You pay for it – of course. But, another case where ‘you get what you pay for’ is really quite true. So we pulled into the place and started a conversation with the guy who would order up what we wanted/needed for the car.

Now, I will admit I am a ‘raving fan’ of this place – and was all too happy to engage in the conversation of how awesome this place is. He was almost giddy telling us how this place is in the top 10 places in the country – doing the most car washes. Top 10 in the COUNTRY! They take great pride in what they do, and this guy was all to happy to evangelize the place up and down. He was genuinely loving his job, took great pride in what they did as a team/company. Let me tell you – that kind of enthusiasm is infectious.

Before taking up working for the Lord, I worked at quite possibly my most favorite job ever – the Bryant Lake Bowl. I worked with the best staff, the food was awesome, the bowling parties are legendary. Some of the best shows (music and plays) have been shown at the BLB theater. Most times when I meet people and tell them I used to work there, they often have a story about some bowling party they went to. The food is fresh fresh fresh (my favorite burrito can be found here), and although the place – like any – has some faults, I am and will always be a lifelong raving fan. I was proud and am proud to have worked there.

Singingface2Believing in what you are a part of, its infectious. What’s even better – when you really love something it shows. It’s authentic. You don’t even need to yell scream and shout, it just simply is.

A few years ago I heard The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston speak. If you have not heard him before – I commend him to you. Check him out here. One of the brilliant things about him – is his ability to crack himself up. Full on laughter. Anyway – he made the point about being joyful. People are drawn in by joy. ‘Go together singing’ was the exact phrase he used.

What makes you so joyful, so giddy, so enthusiastic, that you can’t keep from singing? What do you believe in? What are you singing about today? Are you singing?


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  1. This is so true. If you love what you do and are excited by it, then it shows to everyone around you. The question I have is how do we get people to break out of the mundane church going and into Loving Jesus, Loving Life, and Loving others?

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