I get by with a little help

I choke back the tears sometimes, and sometimes I have to let them roll.
I forget sometimes – how connected we are. I forget that people DO think of me, love me.
I am reminded through this space, through emails, chance meetings, IN A PUB, and premonitions.
Seemingly random – but not at all.

How grateful I am, for grace and love, for friends far – friends near.
Friends past – who I think have forgotten all about me, about us. They haven’t. I haven’t.

Words, cut into my heart, filled with love and gratitude.
Embraces after the laughter, soft whispers and reminders in my ear,
of love and connectedness.
Light from within – breaking through.
No coincidence.
Strength does come from within,
with a nudge from the holy thoughts and whispers – shared in secret and aloud.

And from my angel of the minute

I send a prayer to Heaven for your mother to watch over you as well,
and shed a tear that you are bringing in another year without her. Yet
I know you are a beautiful force in this world.

I am blessed.


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