the headline in MN: the weather

Its cold out. I mean really cold. The kind of cold where you shouldn’t be exposing skin for more than like 30 seconds at a time. Its all the talk – the cold snap we are having.

I think it has frozen my brain, slowed down my writing, increased my reading other blogs, but slowed down writing for mine. (Don’t read this as an apology – I think its all good – write when it comes, don’t when it doesn’t.)

These seem like good days to just go home, curl up and catch up on some movies I have been meaning to rent for a long time. Yes, January in Minnesota is here.

So – what movies are on your "MUST RENT" or own list? I am thinking something good, provocative, classic. Don’t worry if you think I have seen it before, either I haven’t or I’d watch it again. So bring those ideas on please.


5 thoughts on “the headline in MN: the weather

  1. A really good movie, even to watch for the second or third time, is “The Green Mile.”
    I haven’t been as cold as you are since I lived in NJ and RI, which was over ten years ago. Certainly sounds cold!! Stay warm and cuddle up.

  2. Great suggestions! So far, I’ve watched The Queen, Ratat-too-ee or however you spell it :), and School of Rock. I am headed off to Blockbuster for some rentals again tomorrow. Thanks Jan and Dan.

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