30 days

A while back I did a 30 day love-fest posting extravaganza. Sweetie and I were headed towards our one year anniversary. I had been about 90 days into my new job, and had just begun the process of letting go of so much of my recent self (and much of my identity has been / had been wrapped up into my work/ministry life, anyone ever felt like this before – you are your job – your worth is your work?).

Anyway… I am bringing it back. The 30 day love fest. For a few reasons…

  1. I need it.
  2. I am a sucker for Valentines Day and all its trappings.
  3. I like focusing on one thing that I love, or that brings me joy – at least once a day. I found it keeps me from those horrible downswings or pity parties.
  4. Rose colored glasses look good on me.
  5. I have some demons – some hanging on ick-mosters – that I think can only be released through the greatest of these, love.
  6. I have found this is one of the only spiritual practices that I really excel at, so I think I’ll just give it a whirl again.
  7. I have a lot of love to share – photos, words, thoughts, reflections. It would not be fair to keep them all to myself.
  8. I need to practice what I preach. Take my own medicine. Walk the walk.
  9. Somehow – I think this will lead me back to my true center again. I feel off balance. Out of sync. Love seems to be a key to finding what I am looking for.
  10. Love never ends. It never did, and it never does, and it never will. So why fight it? I am going with the flow, letting the river of love wash over me, baptize me, so that I am not such a
    1. Debbie Downer
    2. Sally Sad Sack
    3. Polly Pits
    4. Pain in my own ass

So starting tomorrow, check in. Love is in the forecast.


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