LOVE: day 2

You know what I really love? Great, unbelievably amazing, holy crap that was awesome – service. So far I have been in Chicago for less than 5 hours, and I have experienced some of the most amazing customer service, I don’t know if I feel good about calling it that – because it was more like personal attending.

Even better – I never would have expected it. Not here. And certainly not here. But, its just true. Tonight I have been waited on like a princess, or the queen of sheebah. I don’t mean waited on like hand and foot – more like people went beyond meeting my needs, exceeded my expectations of what I could possibly hope for.

These are days that make me believe in the principles that I once learned as a young person first working in the restaurant industry. Make someone smile, make someone feel helped, listened to, make someone laugh – Make someones day.


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