back home, filled with love

You know the saying, ‘wherever you go – there you are‘?
Just home from a lovely weekend, full of love, in Chicago. Like last time, we had a blast.

I keep reflecting on how the people I love, the people that live in my waking moments and thoughts, blog friends and commenter’s, pokes (slaps, smiles and hugs) on facebook, and of course all of the up close and personal friends and family, shape my world.

Case in point.

I love my friend (who I have not yet met in person) Mindy. So when I am out in the world, I carry her with me. And – I carry her love of cows.

The best part about me running into this lovely moo-friend … its like the perfect mix. This cow lives in the Chicago Hilton (where we stayed) – just outside their little Irish pub. I love all things irish, and Mindy loves cows.

Lots of my friends go with me everywhere I go – they just don’t know it. Yet.


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