love in a movie

I know, I know. I have already written about this flick. But I really just can’t listen to it enough, just finally picked up the soundtrack instead of watching all the youtube clips. Here is the first track, falling slowly.

Its not often that such a simple story catches my heart, my imagination. Simply put, I love this movie. Have you seen it? What did you think? Go on, rent it if you haven’t. Then come back and lets chat.

This movie to me represents a story of the right place, the right time. Its a story about love, in real time, not sped up or in slow motion. Its about making music, from the heart. Its about searching, and finding – but not in the classic hollywood sense. I love this little film that could, I love the music and I love my friend that it reminds me of. So much love. Only one thing I can do… share it.


One thought on “love in a movie

  1. OMG…I absolutely fell in LOVE with this movie. So real and so beautiful!! I am so honored you think of me when watching this film…I would LOVE to have been the creator of such an amazing piece…well, what am I waiting for…maybe now is the time!
    Thank you for suggesting it to me 😉
    And yes, the soundtrack is breathtaking…I cannot stop listening to it!

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