A little Friday Love

Love – ala RevGals. The Friday Five, which I have loved since the beginning of this blog (which the 2 year anniversary just passed). Here we go.

Friday Five- options, options edition

There is so much going on this weekend that I thought I’d provide an options Friday 5!!!!  First Superbowl ( someone explain to this Brit the significance)- love it or hate it?

Neither love, nor hate for the annual gathering of armchair sports-fans. I am planning on watching it, with Sweetie, as she is a fan of watching. I could take it or leave it really, but ahhhh the things we do for love – right? Five reasons to give in to this annual event.

  1. the Souper Bowl of Caring
  2. An opportunity for friends to gather and cheer
  3. Love em’ or hate em’ – the commercials
  4. Meal planning based entirely on ‘snacks’
  5. Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl, seriously can’t wait to check it out.
Second Candlemas/ Imbloc/ Groundhog day/ St Brigid’s day- all of these fall on either the 1st or 2nd February.
1. Do you celebrate one or more of these?
Yes, I’d like to say more than just groundhogs, and include St Brigid, heres to trying something old and something new this year.
2. How?
Groundhog day party at a couple friends place is LEGEND. These parties
have been going on for years, and bring old friends (and new ones)
together year after year. It’s really quite awesome.
3. Is this a bit of fun or deeply significant?
Fun, and deeply significant. These are mostly queer women who year after year take one day to celebrate. These are old friends, many who have been through a lot together. Now the group is having babies, buying house(s), and being mostly normal, boring grown up lesbians. And they are all wonderful. I am blessed to be a part of this community. (I inherited this group through marriage.)
4. Are festivals/ Saints days important to you?
Yes. I can’t explain… they just are.
5.Name your favourite Saints day/ celebration.
Why St. Patrick’s Day of course! (you know, all things Irish)

Bonus- 2nd Feburary is also my Birthday- I will donate £1.00 for every comment on my Friday Five Post  to the Methodist Relief and Development Fund.
Please go and say hi and wish a happy birthday to my friend Sally!


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  1. I liked the link to the Super Bowl of Caring–I’d never heard of that before. Thanks. A Groundhog Day party sounds cool. I have always loved that movie. Good play!

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