I love pancakes

Over the summer, we had a friend and her gorgeous family come and stay with us. She was in Minneapolis/St. Paul, doin’ some studying and seminary stuff over at Luther Seminary. She and her family live in Colorado, and Sweetie and I have enough space to host a family of 4. So for a few days our house was full of energetic kids, good food smells, and 6 people coming and going.

While they were here, my friend one morning decided to make pancakes. You know, flat yummy breakfast-y food. From SCRATCH. Horror ran across my hostess face, hoping that I would have the ingredients to fulfill her desire to make pancakes. Apparently we did have enough or at least some of the right ingredients, enough to get by.

After spending more time with my Colorado friend, my view on cooking has not been the same. She has this amazing, sort of 1950’s super punk awesome mom/homemaker vibe about her. Making food from scratch is not really in her vocabulary, because what the hell else is there really? Box food, processed stuff? No.

Its no secret that our favorite couple friends, K and P, also put us to shame in the kitchen. They got us spices for Christmas last year – because our spice collection is quite frankly, embarrassing. (I am so curious what sweetie will be thinking as she reads this post). Anyway…

Now, I am not about to go on flogging myself for another paragraph or two. No, because over the last few months, my sweetie and I have set to the kitchen to try some new cooking. Scratch, real food, recipe cooking. We have even made a few batches of cookies! Its not that we didn’t do this before, we are good cooks. We are just trying out our range of skills. And this morning…

Pancakes I would even be proud to have served my Sarcastic friend. It really is a joy – cooking. Here is the recipe of some quite crack-like, super yummy pancakes. I say try them. You’ll never go back to bisquick again.
(Who’s influencing who now Dan?)

4 thoughts on “I love pancakes

  1. I know! Can you believe it? No wonder I used to not like pancakes. Now, holy moley! I wonder what culinary excitement is up next for me! Thanks gals!

  2. I’m wondering if that’s the Griddle Cake recipe from the Joy of Cooking . . . it’s the most beat up page in our copy! Griddle cakes on a weekend morning are the best. And when we go camping I measure, mix, and vacuum seal the dry ingredients before we go so we can have griddle cakes on the go. Welcome to the wonderful, inexact, creative world of cooking real food!!

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