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I’ll freely admit it here, since I think I already have on facebook. I LOVE Project Runway. It is the only reality TV that I sincerely hate missing. The new episodes are always on Wednesday nights. This past Wednesday, sweetie and snuggled in for a kick back totally relaxing night, to snuggle on the couch, eat some comfort food, and watch our favorite program.

I also love commercials. Some people have Tivo just to avoid them. For sure in like 3 days I will probably turn off the "every kiss begins with Kay" crap, cause I can only take so many of those jingles in one night.

So imagine my surprise, my giddy-ness, when watching the new (or new to me) Levi’s commercial.

When I see gay advertising, I think its most likely June or its getting close to Pride Month. But this was prime time Bravo commercial time. In February.

It seems like such a little thing… being advertised to. But in some way, it also means that we exist, we are becoming ‘mainline’. Historically I have not been an advocate, a queer rights proclaimer. I have said that my life is my message, and I have become OK with being the odd person out – the minority.

A long time ago I watched a movie called the Celluloid Closet. It highlighted queer people on the big screen and in Hollywood over history. I thought it was good, but have not thought about it since I watched it, until now.

How powerful it is to have images out there in the world that are normal, average, everyday doing normal things – that are also queer. I enjoyed it. It may not be a big deal, but it sure felt like it to me.


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  1. I agree. Seeing things like that are so refreshing and so normalizing. Thanks for sharing. (I rarely watch tv and probably would never have seen it.)

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