Six Word Memoir

From a dear soul comes a challenge:

A meme, as seen at Classical Bookworm.  Apparently this is making the rounds, but the origin is apparently this article from National Public Radio.  The idea is simple: try to write your whole life story in just six words.  And I’m going to add: Be honest.

She loves until it hurts, always.

sh-OUT, I promise yours is next.
Tagging is not my thing, but I would love it if you would play and let me know in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Six Word Memoir

  1. The words touch me. What an extraordinary six words these are. The world needs more lovers who won’t fear the pain, or who even if they sometimes fear it are still willing to risk, still willing to be vulnerable, still willing to love no matter what. This is beauty.
    Thank you for the love you give. My prayer is that the love you receive will always be worth every wound.

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