De-Lurk fest!

Streamers…. confetti… horns blast and disco lights ON!

My awesome, smart, dear friend at G at ThriveWisely became my 1000th commenter! Thank you G, for being so wise, fabulous and wonderful.

In honor of this momentous achievement, I am throwing a little party. Why? I don’t know, I think coming out, saying hello, commenting, putting a name to the ‘hit’ or ping, is the thing that keeps me posting/writing. I am sure I would not run out of things to say, but knowing that I am having a conversation, well, makes it so much better. So here is the deal:

Leave me a comment, I’ll email you and get your mailing address. On its way to you will be: a super party, filled with love, no strings attached, I-care-about-you-or-at-least-appreciate-you-saying-hi care package. Call it a nearing the end of lent pick me up, a I need some sunshine or I’m gonna go crazy, a sure I am up for surprises little day brightener.

Really. All are welcome to participate, 1st time commenters, long time listeners. US, UK and anywhere else you can think of.

(The fine print:  The offer will expire Saturday, March 15, and packages will go out shortly after… oh I am so excited I can hardly stand it!)


6 thoughts on “De-Lurk fest!

  1. Par-tay!
    I never want to pass up a party. Woo hoo! I’m dancing on the table with a lampshade on my head!
    Let’s hear it for Swandive!

  2. Yes, please DO get my mailing address–I can’t wait to get my party-by-mail!
    Seriously, though, I agree about the feeling of having a conversation, though. Well-said!

  3. Imagine my surprise to meander over here–as I do almost daily–and find that I’m the 1000th commenter. Woo-hoo! Thanks for the compelling conversation starters, my dear, they provide much to comment on!

  4. Hey, a blog party! How fun!!
    And BTW, I love ABBA, too. Have never seen Mamma Mia but would love to if I ever get to NY again.
    Also, I, too, am a fan of the Law of Attraction and have read Lynn’s book. So you are part of a book club?
    I just created one for my area and I *think* we’ll meet for the first time in the next couple of weeks to discuss A New Earth.

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