I am coming out a bit.

Hi – my name is Rachel and I am addicted to watching Bravo.

I have a few friends who don’t watch TV at all. Many who watch very little. Some just have the TV so they can watch movies. I admire these people, a lot. I – however – am not one of them. I watch TV. I am not proud of this, but I do think I should be honest and not pretend that I don’t. ‘Cause wow, I do.

Gay_flag Last night Top Chef Chicago began. It happens to be (one of) me and sweeties favorite shows. The food, the personalities, the quick fires, the judges…. ahhhhh. The show is off to a great start, and the first night drama? Two of the 16 chosen are a couple. A lesbian couple.

I can’t quite get over it really, how it feels to have queer people, OUT, in my TV watching experience. It reminds me a little of when I used to stumble into "In the Life" on pbs (which is still awesome and running) in the way back early days of being queer and just coming out. I would get all giddy. It used to be that seeing gay people, gay characters or gay themed shows on TV felt like watching something naughty, not porn, but maybe something kinda racy. I’d sit and watch whatever it was, no matter how bad the production was, and eat it up.

Seems like those days are gone or at least moving in that direction. I’m glad that Bravo is a part of it, and grateful I can afford cable. Now if we could just stop the hate stuff.


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