The Story of Ma: Intro

My friend the Princess emailed me, after this weeks Friday 5, to ask me if I have ever told the “whole story” of my ma, Anne Elizabeth White, and her disappearance, missing person status, and then learning of her death. I don’t think I ever have told that story in full here, on the blog.

Its interesting, I know that it is most likely one of the single most defining puzzle pieces of my life. I mention it in posts at least once a month. This time of year I know I always talk about it more, because these months between February and May are filled with markers and reminders of my ma and her life.

So this week, leading up to her birthday on Friday, I will share the story. Of course this will be through my eyes, not necessarily the same eyes as my siblings, her colleagues, her family, or the rest of my family. I have never written the story. I have only told it. This week will be intensely personal and I thank you in advance for sticking with me this week as I share it.

To be continued and to begin, tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “The Story of Ma: Intro

  1. Praying for you, and also thanking you for telling this story. I’d been wanting to ask, but not wanting to be that intrusive.

  2. Many prayers during this week and especially on Good Friday
    Thanks for the courage to share and your willingness to remind us that holidays,holy days, and special occasions aren’t always a joyful time and that some bring back painful memories in the past.
    Peace to you and your family,

  3. I’ll pray for you too. I had a missing mother too. She turned up three years later, thanks to dilligent efforts of my sister, so I can relate to part of the story. ((((hugs))))

  4. I’m another one of your readers who has wondered, in the past, about the whole story, and even gone back in posts to see if you’d written about it.
    You’re in my prayers this week! Thanks for sharing such a tough and precious story.

  5. I think this is REALLY important work you are doing. Let Anne come “alive” with your words. We all need to know about her…and of course in the process get to know more about you too.

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