I think I will always look back on Holy Week ’08 with heartfelt gratitude and a sense of awe. The week took me on a journey within that I had not been on in a while. It helped me remember the people I have known along the years, the ones that I have known for just a short while, the lessons I have had to learn, and the gifts that have been given to me along the way. I have been prayed for, encouraged, and even had some old friends help me to remember my ma in ways I had not remembered her in a very long time.

Every Wednesday morning at my (newish) job, we gather as a staff and worship. Yesterday when we gathered, the worship leader chose the word "remember" as our theme. She shared a brilliant story of how her child had to remember, as she was preparing for and then participating in the national finals of her sport, that she knew what to do. She just had to get back in touch – remember – what she had learned to get herself this far. Let go of the screaming crowds, the noise – and go within to remember and get in touch with what she already knew.

Years ago, I once heard someone talk about the word itself. Re (to do again, go back) and member (something or someone that is connected to something or one else). When we have lost our way, feel disconnected, or are walking in and through darkness, the key is to re-member. Pull back together your fragmented self, and find your whole self, your center, your core. It is there that ones true nature, inner light lives.

Now onward, forward, upward, and tally ho!


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