the anti-caturday

It seems the winter slumber and lazy saturdays (our kitty tigger calls ’em caturdays) are officially over. The snowing and dark days of wanting to just read the paper, cuddle in and catch some marathons of You Are What You Eat and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares were not on the agenda yesterday. Here was the line up of fun that has been had over the last 48 hours.

  • Get an email from awesome friend who lives in Boston, asking if we could have her friend who would be in Minneapolis for interviews, stay with us. She tells us he’s awesome and fun. We say sure, why not. One: always trust said friend. Two: Free pool+good friends+lesbian bar+drag show+pizza luce delivery+random nice guy = fun.
  • Get hair cut by your one and only hairdresser who gets you and just happens to work at Fantastic Sams. So what – he rules. And my hair looks good, finally.
  • Eat "breakfast" at new restaurant, Common Roots. Yum.
  • Go to home show and learn more about putting a new roof on the house.
  • Go to Creative Kidstuff in Linden Hills and find most awesome gifts for niece and nephew to make you officially the "Greatest Aunties In The World."
  • Go to Home Store for Linden Hills Co-op and find the most awesome cheese grater, to compliment the most awesome christmas gift from earlier mentioned friend(s) – MicroPlane rules.
  • Go to support and say hi to friend(s) at Compassionate Action for Animals, who just moved into their new great space. Fun party with lots of vegan gifts. (learn later you bid on a really cute shirt for 5 bucks and won!)
  • Go be awesome aunties at 4 and 2 year old birthday party. Gifts are a hit. See people you see once a year and have a surprisingly lovely time.
  • Eat some yummy pasta at D’Amico.
  • Meetup with friends from earlier (from the grand opening), get some really awesome cheap wine, and settle in for a night of discussion, laughter, good friends, some more pizza, a movie and getting your mind blown.
  • Collapse because you know Sunday you have to present a big thing for work, and you’ll need all the sleep you can get.

6 thoughts on “the anti-caturday

  1. WOW! While I’ve been renewing via vegging … you’ve been living large! Sounds like lots of renewing fun! Way to go.

  2. Aren’t Microplane graters the BEST!?!
    Sounds like a crazy, wonderful, busy day. The only thing that would make it better would have been a little nap thrown in there somewhere.

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