uh ohhh…*updated*

Yesterday was a clue, and now its staring me right in the face. So out with it I say.

Top 5 reasons you know you are in deep need of a vacation

  1. "Cute" and normally "quirky" things about your co-worker make you wanna scream and shake something, maybe them.
  2. Being on the verge of tears when the hot water spicket on the water cooler doesn’t work and you are sure this is a sign that the world is out to get you.
  3. An awesome haircut AND color, and you still don’t feel as fabulous as you think you should. (And am I such a girl that because only my sweetie told me it was cute, that I feel not pretty?)
  4. Instead of listening, you are on the edge of your seat waiting to tell the person in the meeting that they are soooooo off point. (Yeah – I didn’t say I was proud of this top 5 people)
  5. You have dropped the F bomb, twice in the office. Twice. And unlike Simon Cowell, I did not say sorry. Not good.

I’ve been here before, the good news is that I can recognize it. The bad news is I have another 2 and a half weeks to go before I have 2 days off in a row. Maybe this is what they mean by "take a mental health day." *cough cough*


Or … the alternative is to read snarky, awful, pointing words that someone else wrote or reflected on about how their situation was a. not their fault (blame blame blame) or b. they buy into all this henny penny the sky is falling stuff, and then say to yourself "Ick, that’s me. Knock it off, that’s why you feel ugly for crying out loud."

Yeah, sometimes it takes me a minute. Life IS beautiful, if I could only get past my own ugly ass self in the mirror.


2 thoughts on “uh ohhh…*updated*

  1. OR…you could gaze at your own ‘ugly ass self’ in the mirror, shoot them a sexy smile, *wink*, and quip, “Hey hot stuff!” I’ve found that is very effective in taking ugly ass selves off guard.
    Much love, my friend!

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