Gray on the outside

Coming rain
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Minneapolis, my fair city, has been going through an up and down weather pattern – one day gorgeous – with sunshine and heat, melting snow and people outside again frolicking in the out-of-doors. The next day, well not like that. It’s spring in my fair city, and you would think that after living here and calling this home as long as I have, I would get used to it. That the ups and downs would somehow become ‘normal’ whatever that is. Well friends, not true.

The gray clouds are hanging low today.
So am I.

Maybe it was sweetie the other day that said the weather is like childbirth. When the beauty and sunshine, laughter and good smells are in your presence, you are biologically programmed to forget the pain of the childbirth – of the coming of spring and summer.


2 thoughts on “Gray on the outside

  1. Your “fair city” is indeed a fair city and it used to be my fair city. Perhaps it will be so again in the not too distant future. I’ve been missing the place lately…. Who knows….

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