in search of…

Some days it takes more than coffee to get my brain going. Today, is one of those days. Could be playing too late with my friend who is in town from Brooklyn, NY last night. Could be the awful food (that I ate anyway) at Whitey’s in Nordeast last night. Could be the very floral and hoppy Mai Bock from Summit that I enjoyed at said eatery. Could be my little red friend is here. Either way – I am running a bit slow this morning, so I went in search of a brain starter.

I found The Daily Meme. Quite a universe of memes to be found there – wow. I had no idea! Anywho it lead me to "that’s my answer!". Here we go.

Three things that start with the letter T that I can see from where I’m sitting now are: Table, teapot, trash can.

What three things that start with the letter T can you see from where you are sitting right now? (bonus points are awarded if you name three things that haven’t been listed yet)

  1. Tacky cube art
  2. Three ring binder(s) – tooo many!
  3. Tigger, my kitty, my favorite photo of her hangs on my "wall."

Alright, one more cup of coffee and I can really rock this day out.

2 thoughts on “in search of…

  1. k just for kicks…
    tv…in the off position
    tree branches with tiny buds cause ist 70 in the northeast
    teeth that i tap my finger on trying to see more t’s

  2. LOL..I just bought you for a dollar on facebook. Now you have to make my bed. *snickers*
    Will sweetie really join facebook??? I hope so!!

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